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The Mythicist Podcast

16 Jun 2016 | Categories: Interviews | Posted by: Sean Herman

Podcasts are a part of Serpents of Bienville that we are really enjoying exploring.  We have a 5 part story series in the works for you, along with a conversational podcast that is going to be coming out soon.  That podcast will feature ghost stories, ufo’s, and conspiracy culture, all from our area.  Until then, enjoy this recent podcast I did with the great people at and Truthseekah.  I really had a great time, and we go over some of the stories that the prints I drew for Serpents of Bienville, explaining more of my thoughts on the pieces.  We also delve into my thoughts on cults, religion, ufo’s and conspiracy culture as a whole.  I hope you enjoy, and we wanted to thank Truthseekah and for the opportunity.  Make sure to check out some of the other episodes they have produced for you.

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