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The Bell Rose Tattoo and Piercing

27 Jun 2014 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

In 2008 I was fortunate enough to move back to my hometown and work with some of my best friends. I grateful to have spent the past 6 years growing in the environment we had at the shop. During this time, we all grew as artists and family men. Some got married, and some expanded their families and had kids. I was one of those fortunate enough to get married to a beautiful woman and have an awesome daughter. They always say that your kids give you direction, and focus and maybe there is some fact to that.

CW was the one who started the shop, the one who had the vision and direction for it, and the one who saw that everyone had grown so much as individuals and artists that he knew his legacy would live on and continue even without him at the helm. He sold the two shops to the artists within the individual shops, and saw an opportunity to move to Hawaii and start a new life with his family. We are always eternally grateful for everything CW has done for all of us. We are proud for our friends at the Royal Street Tattoo Downtown, and are very excited for their future and the projects that we will be collaborating on together, even though we no longer share the same shop name. AJ, Suzie, Matt, Dusty, and Jared make up a great group of talented artists and we are excited for all the great things they will do.

Pete, Pony, and myself bought the shop we were at in Daphne, and renamed it the Bell Rose Tattoo. The Bell Rose Tattoo is named after the small town that we are located in, Daphne, Alabama.  In the early to mid 1800’s, Daphne was referred to as “The Village of The Bell Rose”  Before “The Village” was settled, it was considered sacred land by local Native American tribes.  A variety of native American populations visited the area that would become Daphne including Tensaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole. This area came to be known as neutral ground where tribes would meet and discuss the relationships between their nations.  Small groups worked together to acquire food and provide for their families.

This is the spirit that we want to have with The Bell Rose Tattoo—to provide our clients with the highest quality at the absolute best of our ability, to share that positive experience with them, and to give back to our community that has given so much to us.  We also want to convey a spirit of reverence for the amazing and magical art of tattooing that we get to partake in, and to be a part of the amazing community of Daphne. That spirit is our priority, above everything else.

Through the process of our shop transition, we picked up some new members, including Kyle and Aaron. Kyle is an awesome creative force, working on everything including the website, creative design, booking, and all of the little things that keep a shop growing. Kyle gives us the opportunity to do a lot of the things we have been wanting to do. Aaron Victory is an awesome piercer that brings an energy and enthusiasm about tattooing and piercing that is unprecedented. He has an amazing collection of tattoos from some of the greatest tattooers out there. He has a love for tattooing just as much as any tattooer out there.

We are now in the process of renovating and creating a new shop, a new beginning, The Bell Rose Tattoo and Piercing. We are open during our renovations, so pardon our progress as they say. Come by and see all the work we are putting into the new shop, we are excited about all the things to come, and most importantly, we are excited to tattoo you.

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