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TAM blog: Tattoo Collectors, Jason Cornell

22 Sep 2012 | Categories: General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

Recently I was lucky enough to write a blog for Tattoo Artists Magazine profiling some tattoo collectors I have been fortunate enough to know. The most recent one is on Jason Cornell. Here’s a quick exert from the blog.

“I had been keeping up with Jason Cornell for quite a bit longer than I originally thought. I had been a huge fan of Shawn Barber’s work and have always followed when he puts new stuff online, which I am sure is a practice of amount a million people, because he is amazing. He did a tattoo of a small group of skulls on the side of a knee, and it just looked so dang awesome. It is one of those pieces you tend to always remember.

So when I was looking at another skull piece from another tattooer, I was surprised to see the skulls Shawn did right above it. I kept seeing all these awesome skull tattoos by these amazing tattooers, and then realized it was all on one guy, Jason.

Once Jason’s leg was finished, he put it up online for the world to ogle at, and we did. It was awesome to see so many great tattooers, with totally different styles, meshed together in one area. A supreme collection.”

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Thanks again to Tattoo Artists Magazine for letting me be involved.

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