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TAM blog on Jeff Ensminger, Part 2

13 Jul 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

Recently I was lucky enough to write a blog for Tattoo Artist Magazine about my good buddy Jeff Ensminger. Not only is he an awesome tattooer, he also has some of the greatest stories I have ever heard. Here’s a lil bit of one…

““What’s that tattoo on your hand?” (Laughs) She said, “Yeah, it’s this tattoo,” and I was like,
“How did you get this done?” ’cause I didn’t know… How do you get a tattoo? I just thought it was amazing.

She said her brother gave it to her a long time ago. I asked how, and she said, “With a needle and thread,” and she totally went into how you would hand poke this tattoo. Thinking about this now, no teacher should ever tell a kid in the 6th grade how to give themselves a hand poked tattoo. (Laughs)

She realized it right when she said it, she was like, “It’s not a good thing, so you don’t want to do it.” So what did I do that night, I get home, I got the needle, the india ink, the thread, and here I am trying to poke a cross into my hand. I am like a weenie little kid, and I don’t want to poke myself with needles, so I’m trying to do it, but it just didn’t seem to want to go in. So what made the most sense to me was, “How do you INJECT the ink into the skin?” I couldn’t figure that out. I was like, how’s a needle going to INJECT the ink? So the only thing that made sense to me was a syringe. (Laughs)”

You can check out the rest of that story, and the second part of my blog on Jeff at

Thanks again to Jeff and TAM for giving me the opportunity to bring this blog to ya.

I am going to leave you with some of the songs I can’t get out of my head at this moment…

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