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Jeff Ensminger TAM blog

06 Jul 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

I was recently fortunate enough to get to write a blog for Tattoo Artist Magazine on my good friend Jeff Ensminger. The blog’s I do for TAM are primarily based in the story telling aspects of tattooing, and Jeff has got some good stories. Here is just a small preview of one of those stories,

“So what did I do that night? I get home, I got the needle, the india ink, the thread, and here I am trying to poke a cross into my hand. I am like a weenie little kid, and I don’t want to poke myself with needles, so I’m trying to do it, but it just didn’t seem to want to go in. So what made the most sense to me was, ‘How do you INJECT the ink into the skin?’ I couldn’t figure that out. I was like, ‘How’s a needle going to INJECT the ink?’ So the only thing that made sense to me was to get a syringe…”
–Jeff Ensminger

Check out more of my story time with jeff in Part 1 of the blog at

Also, next week I am going to be going to see one of my favorite bands of all time, Refused. I really don’t have words for how excited I am. In honor of that, here’s a video from the reunion they have been doing. For me, this is one of those bands that helped shape a lot ideas I hold dear.

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