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Jason Reeder TAM blog

24 Jun 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

I recently was fortunate enough to write a blog for Tattoo Artist Magazine about my good friend Jason Reeder. I have known Jason for years, and he is one of those rare people that will tell you what he thinks, all the time, no matter if it’s good or bad. I think we could all learn some from him.
Here’s a short exert of the piece I wrote about him, this is Jason speaking about the first time he really noticed tattoos and fell in love with them,

“I would honestly have to say the first time I noticed tattoos was from movies and television, maybe even comics. I use to spend hours reading comics and watching cartoons at my Aunts. I remember Stormshadow, Gung Ho, and Shipwreck from GI Joe being my favorites, all of which are tattooed. Then I’d spend the weekends with my Grandfather watching movies and I always wanted to be like the rebel, bad ass villains (a lot of which had tattoos) when we would recreate movies scenes while playing. That would have to be my “first” exposure to tattooing. It wasn’t until a little later in my childhood that I actually started really wanting them.”

You can read more of my article on Jason here at TAM blog

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