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Jason Reeder TAM blog

24 Jun 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

I recently was fortunate enough to write a blog for Tattoo Artist Magazine about my good friend Jason Reeder. I have known Jason for years, and he is one of those rare people that will tell you what he thinks, all the time, no matter if it’s good or bad. I think we could all learn some from him.
Here’s a short exert of the piece I wrote about him, this is Jason speaking about the first time he really noticed tattoos and fell in love with them,

“I would honestly have to say the first time I noticed tattoos was from movies and television, maybe even comics. I use to spend hours reading comics and watching cartoons at my Aunts. I remember Stormshadow, Gung Ho, and Shipwreck from GI Joe being my favorites, all of which are tattooed. Then I’d spend the weekends with my Grandfather watching movies and I always wanted to be like the rebel, bad ass villains (a lot of which had tattoos) when we would recreate movies scenes while playing. That would have to be my “first” exposure to tattooing. It wasn’t until a little later in my childhood that I actually started really wanting them.”

You can read more of my article on Jason here at TAM blog

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Michael Warechowski IV

27 May 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

I have been fortunate enough to tattoo some amazing people in my career, two of those being Mike and Katie Warechowski. I have been tattooing them for around 4 years now, and am always looking forward to their visits down to Mobile from Atlanta. When Katie told us she was pregnant, it was awesome. These were two of the nicest people, most genuine people, that you knew they were going to be amazing parents. I got to meet their son Michael and was able to see that I was correct, these amazing people made one amazing kid.
A few weeks ago I got a text from Mike telling me that their son Michael was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. Mike went on to explain what MLD is, and what will happen to Michael. They recently had a spot filmed on them for a local news station. It explains everything far better than I could, so you can watch it here
To learn more, and see how you can help, check out the Warechowski’s blog here
These are two amazing people that are helping me, and many others, to learn to enjoy every moment life has to offer. Hopefully now we can help them too.

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New goings on…

18 May 2012 | Categories: General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

Some good friends of ours have been nice enough to make us short little commercials for the shop. Here is the one they did on me, thanks again guys.

Also, if you haven’t gotten to see it, here’s a short documentary a few of our friends made a little while back. We just got it up on our youtube channel, so you can check out more there.

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Signatures of the Soul

10 May 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

If you haven’t gotten to see the documentary “Signatures of the Soul”, you are missing out. Peter Fonda host this documentary that goes from Paulo Suluape to Bob Roberts and Leo Zulueta to Ed Hardy. It’s a great piece of modern tattoo history. Thank you to New Zealand On Screen for putting this up.
It’s separated into 4 clips

CAUTION, there are a few clips in this first one that could be offensive, if you are the type to get offended, or if kids are watching it. So if your kids watch this, and you don’t want them to see nudity, you might not want to watch it in front of them.

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My Interview with Krooked Ken for TAM blog, part 3

23 Apr 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

Here’s a small exert from the final part of my interview with Krooked Ken for TAM blog,

“SH- That’s hilarious. That’s tattooing, it’s awesome, like anytime you get bummed you can go back to what fundamentally matters. That’s all that matters. It’s not about doing 2020 amazing tattooing. Cutting edge changes, that’s good, it’s wonderful to do good tattoos, but don’t forget the other shit it’s about. It’s about talking and stories, carnies.

KK- Yeah that’s the other thing, I see so many tattooers, you know you’re at a booth next to somebody at a convention, and the people will look at their portfolio and you’ll over hear them say, “This guys really good” and I’ll look over waiting for the guy to be like, “Hey, how are you?” And the guy just looks up smiles and puts his head back down. I have the experience of working with people who couldn’t sell water to someone who is on fire. That’s the whole carnie aspect. “Come on in!”

I remember Eddie one time just a few years ago, I stopped in his shop. Eddie was there and this couple came in, they didn’t want to get tattooed it was the novelty, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we went in there” and Eddie was like, “We’ll put a beautiful tattoo on you, you’re already a beautiful women, probably the most beautiful woman that’s ever been in this shop, but this really would top it off.” So she got tattooed. Nobody does that anymore.”

You can read more here, at TAM blog

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