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Michael Warechowski IV

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As a tattooist, I am very fortunate to work with the clients that I do. Tattooing a majority of my clients for many sessions, larger scale pieces, I end up being around them for quite a long time, some for years. I have been fortunate enough to tattoo Mike and Katie Warechowski for over 4 years now. They are everything you could want from a client, amazing people that love the tattoos that they get.

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TAM blog: Tattoo Collectors, Jason Cornell

22 Sep 2012 | Categories: General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

Recently I was lucky enough to write a blog for Tattoo Artists Magazine profiling some tattoo collectors I have been fortunate enough to know. The most recent one is on Jason Cornell. Here’s a quick exert from the blog.

“I had been keeping up with Jason Cornell for quite a bit longer than I originally thought. I had been a huge fan of Shawn Barber’s work and have always followed when he puts new stuff online, which I am sure is a practice of amount a million people, because he is amazing. He did a tattoo of a small group of skulls on the side of a knee, and it just looked so dang awesome. It is one of those pieces you tend to always remember.

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TAM Blog on Tattoo Collectors: Jason Taylor

17 Sep 2012 | Categories: Featured Blogs, General, Interviews, News, Travel, Videos | Posted by: Sean Herman

I recently wrote a new blog for Tattoo Artist Magazine on tattoo collectors. They are separating it three different installments, each being on one of the collectors that I profiled. The first is on my good friend Jason Taylor. Jason is an awesome guy and a good friend of mine. Here’s a little bit of the piece I wrote on him.
“My first interests in tattoos and being tattooed stemmed from my grandfather. He had the classic crawling black panthers on both biceps. I was into art as far back as I can remember and it fascinated me that you could have it on you permanently. At probably 13 I tried to give my self a tattoo with a needle wrapped in thread and some India ink I acquired from art class. I still have a small black blob on my thigh from it. Initially it was a cross. From there I was tattooed by a biker shortly after my 18th birthday, and then some lady in Texas while I was in the Air Force less than a year later. Both of these tattoos were nothing to be proud of and nothing like the images in the tattoo magazines that I bought whenever I could find them. ”

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Thanks again to TAM blog for letting me be a part of their site.

Here’s some videos from the amazing Ane Brun for you to enjoy.

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