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BARC! Fundraiser part 2

14 Aug 2014 | Categories: General, News | Posted by: Sean Herman


The first month of our charity drive program we chose the Baldwin County Humane Society or BARC, a no-kill adoption agency in Fairhope, AL. We chose BARC because of the wonderful things they are doing for the animals and our community. Not only does the organization have beneficial programs like adoption but they also have a wonderful foster program for the animals that come through their doors. Their foster program is a very rewarding experience and helps a rescue effort greatly. Their foster program consists of a few simple steps which is basically the same process as adoption, but instead of signing an adoption contract; a foster contract is signed.

Edgar on the day we found him.
Edgar a few days after we found him.

In the past year I was lucky enough to see my family grow in numbers. One of the newest additions to our family is our Boston Terrier, Edgar. Last summer my wife and I were leaving our local movie theater and found him abandoned with no owner in sight. We spoke with several employees at the theater which informed us that he had been hanging around the parking lot and theater entrance for hours. He was weak, overheated, and malnourished, trying to catch the eye of any passerby that would help him. He made one final attempt to get into the theater but eventually collapsed to the ground. My wife and I immediately picked him up off the ground, took him in and began the process of locating his owner.

The following day we went to every local Boston Terrier website, reached out to friends and family on every social media site, and posted flyers every place we possibly could over town. The next day we took him to the vet to get him evaluated. He informed us that Edgar was chipped, and that his chip was wiped clean. The vet also told us that he thought it was a more than likely possibility that Edgar had been intentionally abandoned, because his owners no longer wanted to take care of him. This broke our hearts. Edgar is an incredibly sweet, easy going dog, and to think that he was just thrown away is unbelievable.  Unfortunately, this happens everyday. The good news is there are incredible organizations like BARC in our community to help adopt and foster dogs.

Edgar today enjoying his home
Edgar today enjoying his home

The Baldwin County Humane Society is a no-kill adoption agency (rather than a shelter) so their dogs are boarded at various locations around Baldwin County, such as vets and kennels.  They average rehoming 300 dogs and cats each year. Paid boarding is a major expense for BARC and you can in turn save them money by fostering. Fostering dogs and cats through their organization saves them money. Money that can be designated for medical care for even more rescues.When you foster an animal through BARC, they provide all of the medical care; they take care of your responsibilities. Through fostering, they provide a safe, secure, stable environment with lots of love.

The Bell Rose Tattoo & Piercing will be taking donations for the Baldwin County Humane Society for the entire month of August. We will conclude the month of August with a flash day on Wednesday August 27th where you can come in and get a piece from an animal themed flash sheet tattooed on you with a portion of the proceeds going to BARC. We will also be doing $25 piercings on the day of the event. All of our artists will be doing walk-in’s that day, including myself. For those who are unable to attend the event, but would still like to participate in donating to such a great cause can participate in the auctioning off of the original sheet of animal themed flash that we are using for the event.

Regardless of where you live, there are amazing groups just like this one in your community that you can be involved in to help give back to your community. The beauty of technology and the internet is that those organizations are just at our fingertips ready to be found. For more information about the Baldwin County Humane Society you can visit



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